Calmness Meditation with Sukhari

Calmness Meditation with Sukhari


This calmness Meditation is also known as “One Point Meditation Practice”. If you enjoy this meditation, please consider donating through the link under the video. Thank you for your generosity, support and kindness.


Sukhari, born in Taiwan, became an International global traveller and explorer at a very young age. Her passion for art in all forms; from painting to design, has led her to develop a unique talent for expressing beauty and refinement. In her offering, her intention is to evoke the blessings of the Divine for herself and others.

Sukhari has lived in Italy and Bali for many years, absorbing the rich artistic influences and expressing them in her art. “Sukhari Designs” was born out of the concept of wanting to create beautiful energy. Her products are ethically made with the finest of materials with local artisans in Bali.

Her passion and love of Dharma has blessed her with a daily meditation practice of over 23 years which she shares with her students in a truly humble way,  always with a keen wit & lively humour.

Sukhari has been studying Nyingma & Gelug Lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, and trained with same of the greatest meditation masters of Tibet and has spend numbers of years contemplating the profound philosophy, meditation and ritual, and spend several years meditation in solidarity. With a motivation to teach for the benefit of others.

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