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The Shipibo are an indigenous tribe that live alongside the Ucayali River in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. With their incredible connection to nature, the Shipibo recreate designs they have heard and seen as geometric patterns in nature, incorporating them into their clothing and houses.

Every Shipibo pattern is unique with its own specific meaning; believed to be healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. The Shapibo can sing these artful prayers, because each design also functions as a musical score, called an ‘Icaro’, which carries the power of the blessing.

Our artist has painted our own unique Shipibo pattern, which is hand-dyed onto each Shipibo fan. The process takes around 3 weeks, with each fan being hand cut from the silk, and assembled with precision and care.

Each Fan Features:

  • Carved, polished or painted wooden spokes/handle
  • Ornate brass ring can be used to hang fan from your attire
  • Tassels featuring semi-precious stones
  • Black silk slip-case always included


  • Large (30″ from handle base to tip)       USD $70
  • Medium (27″ from handle base to tip)   USD $68

Free Postage on first fan.